Alternatives to Dell storage?

Dan Pritts danno at
Thu Mar 11 10:13:17 CST 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 11:08:38AM -0600, Sabuj Pattanayek wrote:

I asked my local university's unix-admins group about this product
and got a couple positive responses.  I also heard good things from
one person on the ZFS list at Sun.  

Did not hear anything bad, although I have heard bad things about
Promise's Fibre Channel SAN gear (LUNs disappearing, RAIDsets going
offline while rebuilding after a drive failure, etc).  On the plus side,
the person with the Promise SAN did say that Promise's support was always
pretty responsive.

Like others who replied to the list, I have had very good experience
with Infortrend RAIDs but as discussed they do not make a plain

For those of you in higher education, watch to see if Oracle reprise the
for the Sun Edu Grant program this Summer; they often have had extremely
aggressive pricing on JBODs.

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