Alternatives to Dell storage?

Stroller stroller at
Wed Mar 10 10:04:17 CST 2010

On 10 Mar 2010, at 14:56, Sabuj Pattanayek wrote:
> ...
> On the configuration page for the md1000, do the "Single Blank Hard
> Drive Filler"s allow you to put HDDs in them or do you actually have
> to purchase the lowest end HDD they'll sell in order to get a caddy?

I'm sure you're already aware of this, but just in case you're not:  
typically these are just covers for the drive bay, and don't allow you  
to actually fit a drive with them.

I.E., they're this:
not this:

I believe the official answer is indeed that you need to buy a drive  
from Dell to get the actual caddy, however 3rd party caddies or Dell  
spares may be available at a fair & reasonable price. Links have been  
posted in the past.

> The cheapest option I'm seeing is a 500GB 7.2K RPM Universal SATA
> 3Gbps 3.5-in HotPlug HDD for $195.30 (obscene).

If you think that's obscene, you should check out pricing on 1TB  
drives on Dell's UK site. Buying with a T410 you will pay £700 per  
drive - over $1000.


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