Dell DTK bootable iso or pxe images with Cobbler

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at
Wed Mar 10 07:21:47 CST 2010

Jon Sabo writes:
> Starting at line 218 of bin/ inside the SA.2 initrd file.
> ...
> Could the above code snippet be included in future DTK releases so I
> don't have to keep editing these files please?

And in the very unlikely chance that somebody actually does that, 
perhaps that person could also fix the code in that file so that 
nfs-mounted (or smbfs-mounted) share_scripts are actually executed (I 
worked around it by using a tftp share_script and nfs mounting what I 
needed in my script, but it was annoying).

The code on line 203 only executes the startup script if $DRM_DTK_FOUND 
is not 0, but the code in lines 178-190 does not set this variable (only 
the code in the cdrom case on line 212 sets it.  Note that it is not 
sufficient merely to set $DRM_DTK_FOUND if appropriate in the code in 
lines 178-190; you also need to move the initialization of this variable 
to 0 from line 201 up above line 178, or else the variable will get 
clobbered.  (The tftp case works because there is separate code for that 
case to execute the script, which doesn't care about $DRM_DTK_FOUND).

When fixed, the code might look something like this (starting at line 
178, omitted lines marked as "..."):

if [ x$share_type = x"smbfs" ] && [ ! -z "$share_script" ]; then

if [ x$share_type = x"nfs" ] && [ ! -z "$share_script" ]; then
if [ x$share_type = x"cdrom" ] && [ ! -z "$share_script" ]; then


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