PERC H700 and linux 2.6.33

cosmih cosmih at
Mon Mar 8 06:25:52 CST 2010


I would like to know it the megaraid_sas driver (4.12) within 2.6.33
version of linux support the new PERC H700 Raid controller.
>From the following commits I can see that the 4.12 driver include sas2
controller support.;a=commitdiff;h=879111224d0784eab623fe8130a1f4481e0e1966;a=commitdiff;h=f4c9a1317d32bb0af7546ef0c1dcc3be52dc8d0a

So, is someone able to confirm that the new 2.6.33 kernel support this
Raid controller ?
I need to know that because we would like to install gentoo
distribution on our new Dell R510/R710 servers.

Thank you,


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