Booting with iDRAC6 VFlash - Linux Live CD or similar

Stroller stroller at
Sat Mar 6 12:20:06 CST 2010

Hi there,

Has anyone had any luck with anything like the subject, please?

I'm a bit frustrated to find that the obvious thing of being able to  
upload & boot from a standard .iso CD image appears not to be  
supported. Clearly there must be good reasons for this, but it seems a  
shame that more effort wasn't made. I can see from postings on the  
internet that I was not alone in assuming that the VFlash should  
behave this way.

Resorting to the manual - something I've never had to do in 4 years  
with a DRAC4 - I find references to Red Hat diskboot.img files [1] but  
I really not clear what that is. I'm getting narked because something  
that should be simple & straight-forward clearly isn't.

The best thing I can think to try next is to make a USB memory stick  
based on System Rescue CD [2] here at home, then `dd if=/dev/sd$USB- 
STICK of=try-this-sucker.img` and uploading that for an attempt. This  
makes the restriction on 256meg virtual keys look a bit puny, because  
where am I going to find a USB key small enough to create the image?  
And, heck, it prolly won't work, anyway.

I believe (one this firmware has finished downloading & I've reflashed  
the iDRAC) that I should be able to use .iso CD images stored  on my  
laptop by using the Virtual Media drop-down in the Console viewer, but  
that's a bit lame because it means the whole process is slowed by the  
network connection between me & the server. I'm clearly not alone in  
having thought "a 1gig SD card? I can fling a bunch of Knoppix CDs on  
there any boot from them any time I have an o/s emergency".

Has anyone got any good solutions to this, please? Is there anywhere I  
can find .img files that actually work with the iDRAC6?
(Yes, I do have the "Enterprise" model, BTW).




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