replacement drives in PE servers

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Sat Mar 6 06:47:31 CST 2010

On 6 Mar 2010, at 06:53, Blake Hudson <blake at> wrote:

> They usually use a Dell specific identifier, but I don't
> believe the Dell firmware/id significantly modifies the drive's  
> behavior
> [...] I'm using a pair of Dell
> branded Samsung "raid version" SATA drives in my workstation in a  
> RAID 1
> and they are the most unreliable drives I've ever used in a RAID-  
> one or
> the other will drop out of the array about once every month or two  
> under
> heavy load.

Just read back what you've written and you'll see your blunder. You're  
using Dell drives with a non-Dell controller.


All that remains is for Dell to announce their own connector standards  
(DAS & DATA) to prevent this sort of error.

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