Checking servers for firmware/driver updates etc

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at
Fri Mar 5 06:22:07 CST 2010

Thanks, Steven, for that helpful script (ral-superinv).  I found it very 
useful as an source of ideas about getting firmware revision data on our 
Dell PowerEdge servers.  I am wondering if you or anyone on this list 
can suggest a way to determine the firmware revision of the Unified 
Server Configurator on the new Nehalem servers - I've looked in the 
output of dmidecode, syscfg, etc. but didn't see anything immediately 
apparent that looked like 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3.

I did come up with mechanisms to get NIC firmware revisions (Broadcom 
and Intel, at least), as well as those for Seagate hard drives (with and 
without PERC RAID) - Dell has DUPs for firmware updates for both of 
those components as well.  I'd be happy to share those, although they 
are written in Perl, not sh, as your original script was, so would 
probably serve mostly as inspiration.


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