monitoring PERC4e/di in ESXi 4.0

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Thanks for the tip guys, 
I tried installing OMSA webserver on a VM using OMSA Managed Node, but I get "Login Failed.. Internal Error" which seems to be related to me having used winXP instead of 2k3 or 2k8 according to several forums posts at VMware.
Would this trick also work with OMSA webserver on a linux VM, as I'm not sure management would agree to pay for a windows server license just to run the OMSA webserver ? 


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	ESX4i doesn't use port 1311.  You'll have to install OMSA web services on another host to connect to OMSA in 4i.
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		OpenManage allows the system hardware to be viewable from a web browser when you point the browser to the Windows system you installed the OpenManage web server on.  Once at the login screen http://windowshost:1311 you will then enter the name of the ESX host you installed the instrumentation on, along with root / password.
		Installing OpenManage on ESX does not change storage information seen from within the Virtual Infrastructure Client.
		Ben Gordy
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		Hi all,
		Maybe slightly off-topic, but asking anyway.
		We installed ESXi 4.0 on a refurbished PE2850 with a PERC4e/di with 6x73Gb disks in RAID5 for light lab virtualization duties.
		We used the ESXi 4.0 installer with Dell customisations, installed OpenManage via VMware vCLI, and the "health status" in vsphere client shows all the bits of the hardware nicely, but not the PERC, even though it's recognized and useable as a datastore.
		After configuring SNMP traps in ESXi, we tried pulling a power cable, and got the traps we expected, but pulling a live disk out of the raid array did not do anything except start the "Blinking Amber Light of Trouble(tm)" on the server front. No status change in vsphere client either.
		Thanks for any hints/clues,
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