Racadm and enterprise/express, blade vs stand-alone.

Detweiler, Dick Dick.Detweiler at avocent.com
Thu Mar 4 07:50:36 CST 2010

Hi all,


I am new to the list, have read a thread concerning this issue but still
have some questions as the PowerEdge servers I have seem to diverge from
what is supposed to be supported.  Hopefully someone here can set me


Our configuration of Dell servers is as follows:


An M1000e with M600, M605, M610, M710, and M805 blades installed.  We
also have stand alone R410 and R710 idracs we are evaluating.  


I am trying to figure out how to talk to them all via racadm over an SSH
session using expect scripts.  I know that Express models (our M605,
M600, M805 and R410) are not supposed to support remote racadm.  


 However what I am seeing is the R410 DOES allow access to remote
racadm.  In fact, when you ssh to the server it drops you into a shell
where racadm is available unlike the other express types that put you
into the SMASH-CLP shell. 


 I haven't found a way to get racadm access from the SMASH-CLP shell
either.  I might have missed it in the documentation but I haven't run
across how to do that.  Dell says you have SSH and local access but I
haven't been able to get there.


What am I doing wrong?




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