Dell DTK bootable iso or pxe images with Cobbler

Tom Rockwell rockwell at
Wed Mar 3 20:26:20 CST 2010


The DTK ISO is bootable.  You can also PXE boot using images from the 
disk.  I don't grok the full DTK setup, however, if you just PXE boot 
with the kernel and initrd (files SA.1 and SA.2) you'll have a Linux 
system that supports BIOS/Firmware updates and the syscfg tool.  It uses 
busy box, so is pretty small but has the usual UNIX utilities.  It can 
be passed a script to download and run as a kernel commandline option. 
I guess you could template that script...  Or you could make a little 
script that used wget to pull in a cgi generated script...

Anyways, it seems to me an advantage of using the images from the DTK is 
that they should support the Dell tools.  We find that our production OS 
(a recompile of RHEL54) doesn't run all the Bios update packages.

-Tom Rockwell

On 3/3/10 11:12 AM, Jon Sabo wrote:
> List,
> I want to be able to automatically configure bios settings and raid
> settings and whatever else I can configure as part of a
> pre-provisioning process.  I'm pretty sure the Dell Deployment toolkit
> is the right set of tools.  The things is I don't want to have to
> install them and have them on the systems.  I just want to have an
> automatically configured bios, raid, whatever else but I want to use
> Cobbler's builtin conifg management
> ( to
> render templated bios config files. Does Dell provide or could they
> provide a bootable iso that can be made into a pxe image to configure
> the bios.  I want to pxe into an image, configure the bios and then
> reboot and install the os using Cobbler.  I don't want to have to use
> open manage or have dell tools left on the systems following the
> install.
> They have some docs on how to pxe boot any live cd on the Cobbler web site.
> I talked to some Dell guys on IRC and one of them had actually built a
> similar setup for himself at one point.
> Does anyone on the list have a setup like this?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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