Adding a second Quad Core L5420 CPU to a 1950 III

Tim Small tim at
Wed Mar 3 12:18:08 CST 2010

PJF wrote:
> I've been through the dell docs and intel docs, not sure if the stepping
> matters.

Out of curiosity I had another look at this.  Intel's line on older
processor lines were that the steppings shouldn't differ by more than 1,
Intel's 5400 series datasheet says:

> Not all operating systems can support dual processors with mixed
> frequencies. Mixing
> processors of different steppings but the same model (as per CPUID
> instruction) is
> supported. Details regarding the CPUID instruction are provided in the
> AP-485 Intel®
> Processor Identification and the CPUID Instruction application note.

but OTOH, it seems that mixing both settings of L5420 caused some
trouble on Intel S5000 boards before they updated the BIOS...



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