bash4 breaks firmware update scripts ( file not found)

Dominik L. Borkowski dom at
Wed Mar 3 09:18:49 CST 2010


It seems that bash4 breaks most of the scripts used by SUU, and I was 
wondering if anybody has suggestions on how to fix permanently.


* extract any firmware bin, for example NETW_FRMW_LX_R246418.BIN
* run
./ line 124: source: file not found
./ line 1471: source: file not found

another example:

Collecting inventory...
./PV2XX: line 4: source: file not found
./PV2XX: line 5: source: file not found

It seems that with bash 4, 'source' no longer searches current directory. 
There are a couple of dirty hacks that seem to work:

1) change !/bin/sh to !/bin/bash in
2) provide './' path for all the sourced scripts in
typeset -r _BUILDVER="./"

I'm not sure whether there is a better way, other than trying to downgrade to 
bash3. Considering that eventually other distributions will move to bash4, I 
was wondering if this ought to be fixed upstream.

Here's a relevant post regarding bash4 on their mailing list:

Unfortunately, setting $PATH to include '.' doesn't seem to work.

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