set BMC to be on a different subnet on a shared ethernet card (R410)

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at
Wed Jun 30 21:02:36 CDT 2010

> But let's say I wanted the BMC to respond on the 172.16.x.x subnet. I can
> set this address fine. Say, But if I try to ping then
> there is no response.
> Surprisingly, arp still shows both addresses but the remote ping does not
> work.
> Address                 HWaddress           Flags Mask Iface
>             00:26:B9:58:E6:46   C          eth0
>           00:26:B9:58:E6:48   C          eth0

This would seem to indicate that both IP addresses are on the same LAN 
segment as your remote machine.  This means your remote machine will 
need two IP addresses as well, otherwise when you ping the 172.16 
address the remote machine will send the packet to the default gateway 
on the 10.0 interface instead.

> Do I have to do something else to make this work? How do I have two subnets
> on the same adapter?

No, should be fine, as long as your IPs and gateways are set correctly.


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