Blew away my partition table

J. Epperson Dell at
Tue Jun 29 20:13:19 CDT 2010

On Tue, June 29, 2010 21:01, Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> On 2010-06-30 00:54, J. Epperson wrote:
>> Still have to do a grub-install /dev/sda (probably after booting
>> rescue). I won't get around to testing this on a reboot for a day or
>> two, need to wait until I know I'll have time to restore from an image
>> I took a few months ago and reload from rsync if I didn't get it right.
> Not sure you'll need the grub-install. I don't know why the MBR would be
> harmed.

I read your posts regularly, and learn from you often.  Does the rest of
it look right, or at least plausible?

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