Blew away my partition table

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Tue Jun 29 15:27:56 CDT 2010

Jefferson Ogata wrote, On 06/29/2010 02:06 PM:
 > Lots of really good info ...

Also, take a look at :
TestDisk can

    * Fix partition table, recover deleted partition
    * Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
    * Rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 boot sector
    * Fix FAT tables
    * Rebuild NTFS boot sector
    * Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup
    * Fix MFT using MFT mirror
    * Locate ext2/ext3 Backup SuperBlock
    * Undelete files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 filesystem
    * Copy files from deleted FAT, NTFS and ext2/ext3 partitions. 

I'm not sure if there's a simple command to scan the device,
presuming only the partition table is borked and to recreate
just the PT, but i think so.  At least it can do Superblock
scan lookups.

There's another tool i've run across that'll scan a block dev
for superblock backups, but i can't recall the name...

btw, cgsecurity has "photorec", which was originally designed
to recover lost photos off digital camera media.  It's been
enhanced to recover a large number of file types off any
damaged media and write what it can to auxiliary storage.


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