PERC S300 - can it be made to work?

J. Epperson Dell at
Sun Jun 27 06:13:49 CDT 2010

On Sat, June 26, 2010 22:59, Rodrigo Trevisaneli wrote:
> Well, I started that thread and DELL told me this board will not run in
> Linux. They will send to me a SAS 6/iR (I guess) as replacement. I dont
> know about this alternative methods.
> Here, I was in hurry to put that server in production, so the solution
> was: remove the board, install 2 disks in the Serial ATA ports on the
> main board, and setup a software RAID1 with CentOS 5.5 64.
> As I could understand (may be wrong) this board does a Software RAID in
> Windows, so I could not see any advantage in keep this board in Linux,
> since Linux already has built in Sofware RAID.

Thanks for clueing us in, Rodrigo.  The Dell white paper on the Sxxx cards
does imply this, but I'm shocked that they've put the PERC label on a
fakeraid card.  Perhaps they've done it before, but I've worked with PERCs
since the original in the PEx300 (still have one heating the basement at
my church), and have never encountered one that wasn't a full hardware
raid implementation.

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