PERC S300 - can it be made to work?

Duncan Gibb Duncan.Gibb at
Fri Jun 25 15:48:08 CDT 2010


Can anyone give me a definitive statement wrt the status of PERC S300
SATA controller support for Linux?  I found an inconclusive thread on
this list last month:

and rumour from two months ago that it might be supported by the mpt2sas

mpt2sas doesn't support it in the binaries we have to hand, and I can't
see how or where in the current mainline kernel source.

I also found people claiming it's hardware-identical to the
fully-working SAS 6/iR controller we thought we were getting (both PCBs
are marked "UCS-61" and look the same to the untrained eye).

Is there a Linux driver of any kind available anywhere?  A JBOD-only
driver that we have to compile ourselves would be absolutely fine.

Is it possible to re-flash the hardware with the SAS 6/iR firmware?



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