iDRAC6 ssh access question

王刚 wg at
Thu Jun 24 22:43:16 CDT 2010

> Hi,
> I'm trying to do something that I hope is fairly simple, and that I'm
> just missing something obvious.  I'd like to connect to an iDRAC6 via
> ssh, and issue the "connect com2" command, but instead of a $ prompt,
> I'm getting the SM-CLP /admin1-> prompt on login.  It seems to me that I
> should have had to run "smclp" from the $ prompt to get there, and that
> typing "exit" should get me back to a $, but it's not so ("exit" just
> ends the ssh connection).
> Somewhere in the manual, it says "To connect to the managed system text
> console, open an iDRAC6 command prompt (displayed through a telnet or
> SSH session) and type: 'console com2'"
> Somewhere else in the manual, it says "SSH (or telnet) in to the iDRAC6
> with correct credentials.  The SMCLP prompt (/admin1->) is displayed."
> That one I believe :)
> On the DRAC5's I have, it all just works pretty nicely.
> This is (I think) an iDRAC6 Enterprise in an R710.
> Thanks,
> Andy Mason
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