iDRAC6 ssh access question

Andy Mason amason at
Wed Jun 23 17:35:44 CDT 2010


I'm trying to do something that I hope is fairly simple, and that I'm
just missing something obvious.  I'd like to connect to an iDRAC6 via
ssh, and issue the "connect com2" command, but instead of a $ prompt,
I'm getting the SM-CLP /admin1-> prompt on login.  It seems to me that I
should have had to run "smclp" from the $ prompt to get there, and that
typing "exit" should get me back to a $, but it's not so ("exit" just
ends the ssh connection).

Somewhere in the manual, it says "To connect to the managed system text
console, open an iDRAC6 command prompt (displayed through a telnet or
SSH session) and type: 'console com2'"

Somewhere else in the manual, it says "SSH (or telnet) in to the iDRAC6
with correct credentials.  The SMCLP prompt (/admin1->) is displayed."
That one I believe :)

On the DRAC5's I have, it all just works pretty nicely.

This is (I think) an iDRAC6 Enterprise in an R710.

Andy Mason

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