general protection rip: rsp: error 0

Marc Moreau jebnor at
Wed Jun 23 11:19:24 CDT 2010

Hello all,

I have a number of errors that keep coming up in /var/log/messages
that I can't find an explanation for.  The culprit lines look similar
to this::

  kernel: progname1[27661] general protection rip:4dd2cc rsp:7fbffec910 error:0
  kernel: progname2[2266] general protection rip:11b043c rsp:7fbfffc680 error:0
  kernel: progname3[23936] general protection rip:10fc8fc rsp:7fbfffb670 error:0

All the errors occur due one group of programs.  This indicates that
the group of programs may be to blame, however my searching has led me
to believe that this may be an indication of memory corruption or
errors.  Does this make any sense from a hardware perspective, or do
memory faults appear differently in my log?

Running on PowerEdge1950, Dual Intel Xeon E5320, 4GB 533MHz ECC.
Centos 4.3 (Final)  kernel 2.6.9-34.ELsmp

Has anyone else experienced this?

Pointers to docs always welcome.
-- Marc

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