libsmbios and smbios-* from EPEL conflicts with dell-community repository

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Fri Jun 18 23:46:53 CDT 2010

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 08:06:49PM -0700, Brandon Ooi wrote:
> Hey guys,
> It seems like the smbios packages from dell-community are conflicting
> with the same packages in EPEL. Does anybody know what the recommended
> way to resolve this?
> Seems like there are 2 choices, use --disablerepo and go with either
> EPEL or dell-community.
> epel - smbios-utils-python.2.2.16-2.1.el5
> dell-community - smbios-utils-python.2.2.21-3.2.el5
> Might not matter too much but wanted to see if you guys have seen a
> similar problem.
> Thanks!
> > yum update
> Resolving Dependencies
> --> Running transaction check
> ---> Package dell-community-repository.noarch 0:1-11.1.el5 set to be updated
> ---> Package yum-dellsysid.x86_64 0:2.2.21-3.2.el5 set to be updated
> --> Processing Dependency: smbios-utils-python = 2.2.21-3.2.el5 for
> package: yum-dellsysid
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> yum-dellsysid-2.2.21-3.2.el5.x86_64 from dell-community has depsolving problems
>   --> Missing Dependency: smbios-utils-python = 2.2.21-3.2.el5 is

That's a bogus dependency in yum-dellsysid.  There's no reason for it
to depend on exactly that version of smbios-utils-python.

Something strange is happening, as yum-dellsysid is from the same SRPM
as smbios-utils-python, meaning the yum-dellsysid noarch package must
have gotten pushed out, while the smbios-utils-python packages that
match it didn't.  But that isn't what happened - they're both present
in the repo together...


As as shot in the dark, perhaps upgrade only the
dell-community-repository RPM first, and then try the full yum
upgrade. It may be that the new repository RPM needs to be installed
first to provide proper (maybe fixed?) pointers to the community repo,
so subsequent upgrades will find the right content.

Michael Brown has been working on this code again this last week -
hopefully he can look into it - but likely not over the weekend.


Matt Domsch
Technology Strategist
Dell | Office of the CTO

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