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We are using Nagios to monitor our servers as well (most of them are Dell's PE 
1950 or PE R610). Nagios NRPE can communicate with OMSA and we are monitoring 
all of the critical parts this way. Nagios is sending us critical errors via 
GSM modems and provides us with the alert status summary page for the hotline 

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Dne pátek 18 Červen 2010 20:42:24 Stewart St. Dennis napsal(a):
> Ruslan:
> Nagios is a very powerful monitoring platform that would duplicate part of
> ITA and supplement other components. Nagios can proactively monitor the
> Dell node using "public" functionality (ping, http, etc.) or "private"
> funtionality (using SNMP queries, Nagios's remote plugin executer (nrpe),
> ssh calls, etc.).  As well, Nagios can be configure to consume SNMP Traps
> to reactively monitor the nodes.  Nagios has rich notification and
> escalation functionality.
> Depending on what you already have in place, Nagios may duplicate what you
> are already doing. If you don't have procative and reactive monitring and
> notification functionality (from a secure web platform), then
> investigating Nagios is a worthwhile investment of time.
> Stewart
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> From: Ruslan Sivak <russ at>
> Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 14:04:05
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> Subject: Monitoring
> I have installed server administrator from the repos, configured SNMP
> and I have at least some alerts going into Dell ITA, but I'm having
> issues getting ITA to see the server.
> What are people using for monitoring?  I saw that there was a Nagios
> plugin, but I'm not familiar enough with nagios and didn't see any
> documentation on getting the plugin to work.
> Russ
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