Network issue on servers containing BCM 5709 / 5716 cards

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Tue Jun 15 12:26:26 CDT 2010


Apologize for the delay in responding to this. I was out of office. 

>>indeed /proc/interrupts shows only PCI-MSI and not PCI-MSI-X. I
>>that the disable_msi options was good for MSI as well as MSI-X.

Yes. The option does disable both MSI and MSI-X, but as the issue
described is MSI-X specific, there is no need to pass this option if MSI
is being used.

>>So the BCM5708 cards on an R900 cannot function if disable_msi is
>>enabled in modprobe.conf ?

With disable_msi enabled in modeprobe.conf the 5708 card will function
using traditional interrupt and will not enable MSI. You can verify this
too using cat /proc/interrupts.

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