OMSA 6.2 and CentOS 5.5

Voll, Toivo toivo at
Fri Jun 11 15:03:18 CDT 2010

I posted this on the PowerEdge forums as well, but didn't get any helpful responses beyond a suggestion that CentOS isn't supported -- hopefully you folks can help!

We have some new R610 servers, with 64 and 32 bit versions of CentOS 5.5 running on them. I've followed the instructions for installing and setting up the Dell Openmanage components from the repo: (20% off!)

However, the instructions are really rather mum on what the various packages that get installed do; for example we'd rather not have a web interface and other unnecessary stuff. A list of the various services and their functions would also be handy; I haven't found a list of those either. Most pressingly, though, I've run into the following issues:

omreport chassis temps

Error! No temperature probes found on this system.

The web interface is flaky; much the time, no probes or controllers of any kind are found. At other times, it does show the status and components as expected. Also, When I SNMP-walk the MIB, having followed the instructions in the "Configuring the SNMP Agent" section of the "Dell™ OpenManage™ Server Administrator Version 6.2 User’s Guide", quite often I see no Dell OIDs at all. All the standard SNMP variables are there, but nothing in the Dell tree. At random other times, I can see the Dell subtree, the status of the srvadmin-start service doesn’t appear to play a role and there's nothing obvious in the system log either; the snmpd smux_accept / smux peer accepted messages being the last indication of Dell activity.

Any advice or pointers to what needs to happen between "yum install srvadmin-all" and actually being able to administer the box successfully?

Toivo Voll
Network Administrator
Information Technology Communications
University of South Florida

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