Newer version of the OMSA MIBs

Voll, Toivo toivo at
Fri Jun 11 10:06:13 CDT 2010

I actually had been looking for these as well, and discovered that they're hiding at as DCMIB62.exe. It's a self-extracting zip (which you can extract on linux with unzip). DCMIB62R.exe is a self-extracting zip containing one readme textfile to go with those mibs. Someone at Dell is making this a bit too complicated :-) 
(The Dell OMSA SNMP documentation provides the names of the mib files, but search as I did up and down Dell's site and googling the internet, there don't appear to be any links to where you can actually download those files from. I also installed the omsa packages from the repo, but there are a lot of packages, and a lot of files, so finding the MIBS from all that mess is no practicable, assuming they're in there somewhere. We need them for use with an external monitoring application, so this seems a bit convoluted.)

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