hanging DRAC5 cards

Pawel Kudzia kudzia at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 04:59:04 CDT 2010

> We've had a DRAC5 for a couple of years running without any problems.
> It sounds like yours have some kind of hardware issue - were they all
> purchased at the same time?  Maybe you should try to get one replaced
> to see if you still have the problem.
> You could try logging in to the DRAC as proper root[1] and run dmesg
> or something in a loop to see if any interesting messages appear just before
> the cards break.

Hello Adam, thanks a lot for your mail!

sometimes i think it's a bad luck or some curse...servers were both in couple
batches in the period of ~1 year. some of them are 1st gen of 1950, 2950,
some are 3rd gen of 1950/2950.

i know this method of gaining real root on dracs - it worked fine with 1.50
firmware, but it does not anymore with 1.5.1:

$ racadm util mode -set vendor
ERROR: Invalid subcommand specified.
$ racadm util mode -isvendor
ERROR: Invalid subcommand specified.
$ su -

if i think reasonably there can be following causes:
* dracs are faulty in general [ but your opinion and folks at dell suggest it
  is not the case ]
* there is something strange about my host operating systems
 [ but it happened on machines with esix 4, debian, windows 2008 - so not
   really ]
* there is something strange about my operation env - but then again it
  happened to servers collocated in 2 datacenters and one office; connected
  to dell / hp / dlink switches; some with very simple network infrastructure,
 * my monitoring makes those cards misbehave - but i stopped any attempts
  to monitor the servers and yet after few months i disovered [when needed]
  that devicses were hang.

i got on my private address few more diagnostics requests from dell - i will
check what exactly bios reports on the server with hanged drac during reboot.
i will also run diagnostic tools that try to communicate with the hanged drac
from the host system.

Pawel Kudzia / .PaKud

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