hanging DRAC5 cards

Chitrak_Gupta at Dell.com Chitrak_Gupta at Dell.com
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DRAC5 has a limitation on the broadcast packets it can receive on the
network per second. Can you tell us if the DRAC is in a network where
there are multiple broadcast packets? If the number of broadcasts are
very high on the network, the network stack on the DRAC5 goes down and
the DRAC may behave in an undefined way.


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hi Chitrak,

some time ago i have tried with racadm from linux cli [ one that comes
omsa ] and i was getting errors in communication with drac. i cannot
exact message - sorry.

right now i have one hanged drac on a system with vmware esxi - i guess
only option is live cd. when i will be rebooting it i will take closer
at bios - most probably - as you write - there is bmc error reported.
i rember is that in hang case - there is no separate drac bios / menu
during the bootup.

i have this problem both on 1950 and 2950 1st and 3rd gen. i will
forward you 
on private address report from dset that i run recently upon request
from dell's

thanks, regards

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