hanging DRAC5 cards

Chitrak_Gupta at Dell.com Chitrak_Gupta at Dell.com
Mon Jun 7 05:08:23 CDT 2010

One more question:

When the DRAC is perceived to be hung, can  you communicate to it from Open Manage Software. 

1) Install the Open Manage Software from the OM DVD, (you can find it on support.dell.com) also.
2) Please install Server components. Make sure you are installing it on the server where the DRAC resides.
3) You can login to Open Manage Software is Windows Admin or root user on linux. Check for DRAC properties.
4) Launch command line or a terminal. Type RACADM getsysinfo. This will tell you if the DRAC IPMI stack is down or the DRAC network stack is down.

Kindly let me know.

Chitrak .

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hi Chitrak,

> 1)     
> Can you tell me exact steps of making the DRAC5? In
> other words, do you see a pattern that after performing certain actions it
> hangs up?

no exact steps. they hang untouched; they hang after random period of time.
i have not found any pattern. they hang when i query them over ipmi, but they 
also hand without that.

> 2)     
> What exactly happens when it hangs up? Do you try and
> launch web-page or send RACADM commands or try IPMI tool? 

web-browser times out, ipmitool times out, on the sniffer i see that drac 
responds with syn-packet to attempts of establishing tcp connection on 
80/443/22 tcp but nothing more [ eg: no ssh banner ].
it still responds to pings but nothing more.

> 3)     
> Do you see any failure reported on DRAC when the server
> boots up if you reboot after a hang?

as i remember drac card IS NOT reported during boot; after powering server off
and on again - it becomes visible as usual.


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