hanging DRAC5 cards

Pawel Kudzia kudzia at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 04:46:30 CDT 2010

hi Chitrak,

> 1)     
> Can you tell me exact steps of making the DRAC5? In
> other words, do you see a pattern that after performing certain actions it
> hangs up?

no exact steps. they hang untouched; they hang after random period of time.
i have not found any pattern. they hang when i query them over ipmi, but they 
also hand without that.

> 2)     
> What exactly happens when it hangs up? Do you try and
> launch web-page or send RACADM commands or try IPMI tool? 

web-browser times out, ipmitool times out, on the sniffer i see that drac 
responds with syn-packet to attempts of establishing tcp connection on 
80/443/22 tcp but nothing more [ eg: no ssh banner ].
it still responds to pings but nothing more.

> 3)     
> Do you see any failure reported on DRAC when the server
> boots up if you reboot after a hang?

as i remember drac card IS NOT reported during boot; after powering server off
and on again - it becomes visible as usual.


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