Moving disks between M605 blades?

guy guy.choo.keren at
Sun Jun 6 03:21:11 CDT 2010

Cris Rhea wrote:
> I have a pair of RAID-1 disks on an M605 blade.
> I want to move those disks (unchanged) to a different M605
> blade, but the RAID controller complains.
> How does one do this WITHOUT destroying the data on the disks?
> --- Cris
what i understood is that - it depends on the RAID controller you are using.

some of them support importing of what they call "foreign 
configurations". if the controller tells you it recognized a foreign 
configuration - it probably has an option of importing it.

i did this exactly once, moving disks from a M605 with a MPTFusion 
controller to a M605 with a PERC6/i controller, and it worked. i 
wouldn't do this on critical data (i.e. data you cannot recreate in a 
timely manner) without consulting dell's support.


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