apache reverse proxy on Dell Power Edge

Tapas M bkt1234 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 00:29:03 CDT 2010

if some sys admin on this list have used Reverse Proxy thing on Linux or Windows just let me know.
I am a bit confused as  how does directive
and ProxyPassReverse work
in apache2.
If I have an application on an internal webserver running on port 8080 on Lan
but I want it to be accessible on internet via Server A which has public IP
but firewall (which I do not have control blocks all except port 80)

 External           Server A -----------------------------------------Server B
Firewall by          Public IP                                         LAN
(Port 8080 blocked)if I write

ProxyPass     /application
ProxyPassReverse  /application Will the application be accessible outside.
Or do I need to contact sysadmin to open 8080 for outside world in A in above diagram.
Also does apache needs to listen at 8080 in above diagram at server A.
Is there any other way to do the same in apache2.

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