Magic SysRq Key Sequences over Remote DRAC5 Connection

Bryce Nesbitt bnesbitt at
Fri Jun 4 19:27:53 CDT 2010

I got no on topic responses, but I did find this Dell firmware release
for the DRAC5:

Release Date:	12/31/2009
Version:	1.51, A00
Download Type:	Firmware	
Fixes and Enhancements:
*SysRq magic key doesnt work on dell systems remotely

Never mind the missing apostrophe... I've downloaded this release,
installed it, and don't yet have remote Magic SysRq.
I'm not quite sure what key sequence to type.  In OpenSSH if I type ~B
to send a break, I can't be pressing the ALT key at the same time.
What exactly is Dell thinking will be at the remote end?


On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 8:48 AM, Nathan Dietsch
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> Hi Bryce,
> I would be very interested in this if you get any responses.
> Kind Regards,
> Nathan Dietsch
> Unix Systems Group
> Macquarie Holdings - Houston
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> Subject: Magic SysRq Key Sequences over Remote DRAC5 Connection
> I'm looking for advice on using Magic SysRq Key Sequences over DRAC5 ssh(see
> for background reading on the
> subject).
> We have Dell 1950 and 2950 servers with DRAC version 1.20 firmware, and
> normally use putty or OpenSSH to connect.  As far as well can tell the
> serial 'break' does not equate to the SysRq key as documented.
> These servers run Debian Linux, and we periodically have problems with out
> of control memory situations.  We could save servers from a hard reboot by
> sending Magic SysReq commands such as "m" and "f" (to dump Linux Kernel
> memory stats and invoke the Out of Memory Killer (oom-killer).  Or make a
> reboot nicer by syncing disks first.  These commands work fine directly from
> an attached keyboard (e.g. Alt-SysRq-m).  Can we get Magic SysRq over DRAC5?

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