dell 2850 initrd problem.

Ron Croonenberg ronc at
Fri Jun 4 12:17:53 CDT 2010

> In what sense are these systems "fried"? Can you move the RAID
> controller and disks from one system to another?

Uhm,  no.  the machine I am talking about now has the hardware repaired, 
by  putting in a new raid kit.
Moving it to another server (I don't have another 2850, I have a few 
more 2950's though)( would make much sense I think.

The filesystem is 'corrupted'  so moving the disks doesn't help much there?

> Do you have one with enough spare capacity to store a complete disk
> image of the system you are trying to recover?

Hmm,  I'd have to look.  I have enough room around to move all the data to.

> You can work piecemeal if you used a reasonable partitioning scheme.
> Check /dev/mapper and the sizes of the devices you find there; you can
> work with each one individually if need be.

I posted  what was in /dev/mapper a few msgs back.

question:  since  I have a broken filesystem,  does it even make sense 
to make a disk image of it?  or do you mean just for backup? (that if I 
break it, I still have the broken stuff I started with?)

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