dell 2850 initrd problem.

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Fri Jun 4 11:58:50 CDT 2010

On 2010-06-04 16:47, Ron Croonenberg wrote:
> Jefferson Ogata wrote:
>> How important is the content of this system. Do you have another system
>> you can image the disk to in case you do something destructive
> Well  here is the thing.   We had a 'standby' server that basically
> would copy everything every night and in case something bad ever would
> happen to the main server  we could run it off that one.
> However that one got fried during that same power outage.
> We also made backups on tape, and guess what..  the server that made
> those backups also got fried..

In what sense are these systems "fried"? Can you move the RAID
controller and disks from one system to another?

> So yes, it is pretty important data, it's  pretty much the last 
> accessible data source we have, so I want to be really careful with it.
> I do have a few other machines that I can use to store data, etc..

Do you have one with enough spare capacity to store a complete disk
image of the system you are trying to recover?

You can work piecemeal if you used a reasonable partitioning scheme.
Check /dev/mapper and the sizes of the devices you find there; you can
work with each one individually if need be.

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