dell 2850 initrd problem.

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Fri Jun 4 11:04:53 CDT 2010

On 2010-06-04 15:42, Ron Croonenberg wrote:
> Jefferson Ogata wrote:
>> What does your partition table actually say? Is /dev/sda2 *supposed* to
>> be a filesystem, or is an LVM physical volume?
> it says that /dev/sda2 is an LVM volume

In that case, I strongly suggest that you *not* follow any advice about
trying to recover a superblock on it.

What is the filesystem label on /dev/sda1 (run e2label /dev/sda1)? (I'm
guessing it's /boot.)

How important is the content of this system. Do you have another system
you can image the disk to in case you do something destructive?

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