dell 2850 initrd problem.

Paul M. Dyer pmdyer at
Thu Jun 3 09:47:03 CDT 2010

Try looking here for the old Fedora iso:


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Hello Praveen,

well so far I didn't manage to boot anything. Of course the OS cdrom is
nowhere to be found (I am trying to locate the disk for Linux
2.6.12-1.1381_FC3smp (I know, old, but it is one of those machines with
"if it ain't broken don't fix it)

What happened is:

The machine acted 'weird' the whole file system seemed to be read only.
(I didn't log in to it for a while)

I rebooted the machine and got to see the raid battery/memory error.
The machine booted fine. I looked up the error on the web and it said
that there was either a faulty battery or faulty raid memory.

The machine seemed to be working fine so I ordered a new battery.
Than the same problem occurred; I rebooted and that is when I saw the
kernel panic.

So I ordered a new raid kit. machine boots fine now, no hardware/bios
errors but I still have the kernel panic



Praveen_Paladugu at wrote:
> Hey Ron,
> Did you verify that the /sbin/init file does exist on the final root
> (final boot HDD).
> If this file does exist, the initrd should have mistakenly selected a
> wrong disk as the root device.
> You can try sending the right "root=UUID=something" to make sure the
> right disk is selected.
> Just trying to make sure replacing the Raid Cache didn't mess up the
> HDD.
> Praveen
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> Subject: dell 2850 initrd problem.
> Hello,
> I had to replace the raid memory and battery in a Dell 2850, it broke
> somehow and the machine was complaining on boot up. That problem went
> away, but now I have a problem at bootup.
> the msgs I see:
> exec of init (/sbin/init) failed!!!: 20
> umount /initrd/dev failed 2
> kernel panic - not syncing attempted to kill init
> I am running NASH on it.
> I assume that I probably have to rebuild the initrd ?
> Or is there a standard or easier way to do it?
> just to be on the safe side, what is the best procedure to get the
> machine booting again?
> thanks,
> Ron
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