Magic SysRq Key Sequences over Remote DRAC5 Connection

Pavel Mateja pavel at
Thu Jun 3 07:57:51 CDT 2010

> I'm looking for advice on using Magic SysRq Key Sequences over DRAC5
> ssh(see for background
> reading on the subject).
> We have Dell 1950 and 2950 servers with DRAC version 1.20 firmware, and
> normally use putty or OpenSSH to connect.  As far as well can tell the
> serial 'break' does not equate to the SysRq key as documented.
> These servers run Debian Linux, and we periodically have problems with out
> of control memory situations.  We could save servers from a hard reboot by
> sending Magic SysReq commands such as "m" and "f" (to dump Linux Kernel
> memory stats and invoke the Out of Memory Killer (oom-killer).  Or make a
> reboot nicer by syncing disks first.  These commands work fine directly
> from an attached keyboard (e.g. Alt-SysRq-m).  Can we get Magic SysRq over
> DRAC5?

I don't know how to convince DRAC but you can try HW independent solution 
using iptables module ipt_sysrq.
Pavel Mateja

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