libsmbios.x86_64 0:2.2.21-3.1.el5 set to be updated - failure

Rainer Traut at
Wed Jun 2 04:23:14 CDT 2010

Am 02.06.2010 09:54, schrieb Robin Bowes:
> On 02/06/10 08:33, Rainer Traut wrote:
>> I'm a little bit stunned right now.
>> All our servers have the repo config as stated here:
>> (1)
>> (only the green supported ones)
>> This configuration is broken for at least 5 days and you have just
>> confirmed what I have written 5 days ago:
>> "It seems the dell-community repo is missing the new i386 version of
>> libsmbios" - for whatever reason.
>> Now that your customers have confirmed that the community repo is broken
>> when used with the omsa repo please change the contents of (1) and
>> document it there.
> Rainer,
> The problem is that x86_64 repos often need to contain i386 packages as
> well as x86_64 packages precisely because of situations like this.
> Rather than waiting for Dell to fix this, I have simply added both
> x86_64 and i386 community/software repos to my machines. This works just
> fine (CentOS 5.5 on PE1950s and R410s).

I know, Robin, I read your post and your workaround.
The problem I have is that a - for years (!) working and still supported 
(1) - configuration is suddenly broken, without announcement.

And citing Jeff Mendoza "because OMSA is 32-bit only and there is also 
some natively compiled stuff that uses libsmbios" there might be a 
chance that OMSA (the "some natively compiled stuff") breaks with your 


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