libsmbios.x86_64 0:2.2.21-3.1.el5 set to be updated - failure

Rainer Traut at
Wed Jun 2 02:33:07 CDT 2010

I'm a little bit stunned right now.

All our servers have the repo config as stated here: (1)
(only the green supported ones)

This configuration is broken for at least 5 days and you have just 
confirmed what I have written 5 days ago:
"It seems the dell-community repo is missing the new i386 version of
libsmbios" - for whatever reason.

Now that your customers have confirmed that the community repo is broken 
when used with the omsa repo please change the contents of (1) and 
document it there.


Am 01.06.2010 23:41, schrieb Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at
> I see now,
> The OMSA repository has libsmbios 2.2.19. Both i386 and x86_64. This is because OMSA is 32-bit only and there is also some natively compiled stuff that uses libsmbios.
> The software/community repo has the latest libsmbios 2.2.21, but only in the native arch. So, only x86_64 for x86_64 systems, as one would expect.
> For now, if you don't need 2.2.21, or something that is only in the community repo, I would remove the community repo from your configuration and go with the official OMSA repo only.

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