Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) with Perc 6/i and omconfig

Jeremy Smith jeremy at
Tue Jun 1 10:00:36 CDT 2010

On 2010-04-23 02:46, Patrick_Fischer at wrote:
> omconfig storage adisk action=assignglobalhotspare controller=id
> adisk=<ARRAYFESTPLATTEN-ID> assign=<yes|no>
> yours: (omconfig storage pdisk action=assignglobalhotspare \
> controller=0 pdisk=0:0:2 assign=no)
> Your syntax looks fine => only the \ in each command I don't understand.
> Please just try it with adisk too => the commands should be work on a
> Perc 6 or anything is buggy with OMSA.
> The reconfigure syntax looks also fine for both vd's.
> The Other Patrick is also right, if the webservice is running connect to
> the GUI from remote if your linux has cli only. It is more comfortable.
> OMSA: https://host_ip:1311
> - choose storage - Perc - VD - the tasks for the VD and choose
> reconfigure => if the aditional disks are in state ready the wizard
> guide you

The \ just indicates that the command continues on the next line.

I believe my syntax was correct for my version of OMSA but never did work. I
was able to use the web interface to preform the action without any trouble.

I recently came across another situation in which  omconfig would not do its
job, but the web interface would.

[root at myserver ~]# omconfig storage pdisk action=assignglobalhotspare \
 assign=no  controller=1 pdisk=1:0:14

Operation disabled. Read, action=assignglobalhotspare assign=no
.Refer to the documentation for more information.

The web interface let me do that same operation with no trouble.

This is OSMA 6.2.0 on a Perc 6/e on Centos 5.4

Any idea why omconfig would not work?

Jeremy Smith
Systems Administrator
eSilo, LLC.

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