1950 full length cards?

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On 29/07/10 22:44, Kendrick Vargas wrote:
> Hi,
> This isn't exactly linux centric, however I thought it'd be overkill to join up on another list just to ask this question.
> I'm looking to purchase an 8-port multi-tech fax/modem board for use with HylaFAX on RHEL5. From the pictures it looks as though the card itself is full-length. For the PE 1950's, the docs seem to indicate half-length cards are compatible.
> I'll be calling Multi-Tech tomorrow to try to verify the dimensions of the card, however I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with this card in this particular server. Also, given that it seems to use drivers that are already standard in the kernel for the serial interfaces, has anyone here had experience with this card? (good, bad, or otherwise?).
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One of these?


This isn't going to fit in any Dell 1U server that I know of - I had
trouble getting a simple dual-port FC card in a 1950 once...

I suspect you'd need to be looking at something closer to the 4U servers
Dell sells, where they have several full-length slots that don't require


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