Will Debian Lenny run on t310?

John McMonagle johnm at advocap.org
Thu Jul 29 22:26:47 CDT 2010

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 05:05:54 am Duncan Gibb wrote:
> On 28/07/10 03:19, John McMonagle wrote:
> JMcM> How about some more general information like the hardware and/or
> JMcM> drivers for the sata controller and ethernet??
> JMcM> I'll probably end up with 2.6.32 xen kernel from backports but
> JMcM> it install will be less painful if  2.6.26 kernel works.
> Can't be specific about the T310, but based on our experience with the
> T410 and R510, it should be OK if a little fiddly.  The things to watch
> are:
>  - Broadcom NICs need proprietary firmware, so unpack "firmware-bnx2"
>    from non-free somewhere and copy *.fw onto a USB stick.
>  - Some Dell^WLSI RAID controllers are only supported in newer kernels,
>    so take care if you buy one.  The Sx00 series have no Linux driver
>    at all, which frankly is unacceptable in this day and age and
>    reflects very poorly indeed on Dell.  The motherboard SATA, however,
>    should be Intel ICH10 which is well-supported.
Thanks Duncan

Can anyone verify that if one buys the t310 without a raid controller that the 
sata drives will be connected to an intel ich10  controller.

I have  been searching and it seems to be top secret :-(
I talked to dell sales and they put on one of the "experts" and she was unable 
to answer my questions. Apparently the drives plug into the  back plane and 
there is no chip set or controller.  Also never heard of Debian.
It got worst from there.


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