Safe to run smartctl on PowerEdge 2950 Dell PERC 5/E?

Tim Small tim at
Thu Jul 29 14:29:00 CDT 2010

dellpoweredge at wrote:
> Hi List,
> I've been reading about the smartctl problems people have been having. I 
> couldn't see my controller listed in any of the threads. OS is RHEL5.4 
> smartmontools is smartmontools-5.38-2.el5

Safe as far as I know, but if you have a test system which you can
hammer using smartctl whilst under I/O load for a few hours, I'd
recommend doing that first.  I'd be interested to see the results, and
have been meaning to do this myself.

To be on the safe side, perhaps you'd want to review the controler and
disk firmware changelogs (from the Dell firmware update packages) too to
see if there have been any passthrough, or SMART related bug fixes since
the versions that you have installed (assuming they aren't the latest) -
however the risk of a manual one-off run of smartctl is likely to be far
lower than that of running smartd continuously...

Whilst I'm at it DELL:

PLEASE can you include the full release history in your changelogs, not
just the changes since the last release - chasing through 10 package
releases to piece together all the changes from an oldish release is
just PAINFUL.  Other vendors (e.g. Intel) include the full history, and
it makes my life a LOT easier.



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