Find which pdisks make up a vdisk with omreport

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Thu Jul 29 08:03:04 CDT 2010

Mohan_G_Murali at wrote:
> 1)The following link(Dell OM users guide) will help you to understand
> the considerations for hot spare.
> pr.htm#wp206346
> 2)The following link explains the OM CLI syntax to assign a dedicated
> host spare to a vdisk(check "omconfig Assign Dedicated Hot Spare"
> section)
> storage.htm#wp1091778
> Thanks,
> Mohan

Hi Mohan,

Thanks for the links, I'm afraid we're running 6.1 here, I never managed 
to get 6.2 to work. I got as far as supporting all the ipmi checks but 
couldn't get it to find the perc storage controllers. I followed all the 
guides on here about installing extra dependencies too.

I might try allocating it as a global hot spare then, although some of 
the arrays have drives larger than it's capacity.

sudo omconfig storage pdisk action=assigndedicatedhotspare controller=1 
vdisk=0 pdisk=1:0:1 assign=yes
Error! Unrecognized parameter value: 


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