Find which pdisks make up a vdisk with omreport

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Thu Jul 29 06:56:37 CDT 2010

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On 29/07/10 12:35, dellpoweredge at wrote:
> John Hodrien wrote:
>> On Thu, 29 Jul 2010, dellpoweredge at wrote:
>>> and there seem to be 7 of them, but no obvious way of finding out which
>>> pdisks make up the vdisks..
>> Can't you just do this for each vdisk:
>> omreport storage pdisk controller=1 vdisk=0
>> jh
> Thanks John, glad to see the Leeds Uni IS team are still going strong.
> So I've cleared the foreign config and I'm considering running:-
> omconfig storage pdisk action=assignglobalhotspare assign=yes 
> controller=1 pdisk=1:0:1
> again a bit concerned with this as there are multiple vdisks on the 
> controller, with different disk sizes, and with their own hot spares.
> I'm assuming that the controller wouldn't allocate this hot spare to an 
> array that has disks with different sizes, or is there a command to 
> allocate it to the specific vdisk0.

A 146GB hot-spare can be used in an array made from 146GB *or smaller*
disks. The reverse is obviously not possible.


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