Dell OpenManage 6.3 for Ubuntu

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storage management is the main area where we have seen a few issues in testing (also an area that pops up repeately for the 'supported' OSes, as well).

First, make sure your firmware is up-to-date. I have seen issues where OM will refuse to interact with a card unless the firmware is up-to-date.

Next, make sure all the services are running. dsm_sa_datamgr is a particularly important service. Is OM returning data for the rest of your sensors/bios/etc?
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I have a system with a bunch of MD1200s attached via a H800 card but the openmanage does not seem to see the card with this dell release any ideas?

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> A present for our Ubuntu customers!
> We have posted some community-supported builds of Dell OpenManage 6.3 for Ubuntu. Blog post above goes into a little bit more detail.
> What this is: built-from-source DEB packages of OpenManage 6.3 for Ubuntu 9.10 or later. The package set exactly mirrors the layout of the RPMs.
> What this is NOT: officially supported. Please do not call Dell technical support with questions about these DEBs, specifically, as they will not be likely to be able to help you. Use the mailing lists instead, please.
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