DIMM to Server cross reference

Wiley Sanders wsanders at wsanders.net
Tue Jul 27 16:08:43 CDT 2010


Does anyone know of a cross-reference online that I can enter a DIMM
specification, and find a list of servers / motherboards that use that
spec of DIMM?

For example, I have a pile of 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 ECC Registered DIMMS
here removed from a Sun X4200 and salvaged from a dumpster (!). I am
pretty sure these are compatible with the PE 1950 and slower
DDR2-socketed PowerEdges.

If not, I should start compiling a Sun-Dell crossreference. (Consumer
mobos are rarely ECC + Registered - although I'd pay extra for one
considering how much old registered memory I find.)


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