rocks 4.3, single drive in Dell 1950 with PERC 6/i

Albert Everett aeeverett at
Tue Jul 27 10:50:26 CDT 2010

We have some Dell PowerEdge 1950s with PERC 6/i controllers. Each machine has 2 of 500GB SATA disks set up as RAID0.

We would like to pull a drive from each 1950 to use elsewhere.

In our test machine, we have pulled one of the drives and deleted/reset the RAID config in the PERC BIOS. On subsequent Rocks install we get a message like 'can't find any devices on which to create new filesystems'.

The PERC card doesn't show any errors as the single drive machine comes up, but shows that it has a virtual disk, etc.

When we put the drive back in and recreate a new two-drive RAID0 virtual disk, Rocks installs perfectly.

Since Rocks won't install there aren't any logs on this test machine to inspect, and so far I'm not seeing any log lines related to this machine on the frontend node. I'm also not seeing any notes that I recognize in the online PERC 6/i manual related to using a single disk.

Can the PERC 6/i work as a JBOD controller? Are we missing something simple in our procedure?


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