Info on M910 and H200 controller status misleading

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at
Mon Jul 26 14:14:22 CDT 2010

Thanks Trond and Bryan for the clarifications

Probably I misunderstood the line for "-o" option at check_openmanage page:

Most would go for the default (value of 0), i.e. a single line.

I noticed the out of date message, when I used one of the "-o" options, but
I'd reather prefere to wait for RH EL 5 to include upstream controller
version in its default kernel.
I'm currently using the latest kernel available for rh el 5.5....
Eventualyy if there is a changelog for the H200 driver I can open a support
case to include latest release....
But probably (I hope) Dell and Red Hat are already joint working to have the
best one inside... or not?

thanks for the useful information!
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