PE2850/PV220s & VMware ESXi configuration?

Dan Pritts danno at
Mon Jul 26 10:19:28 CDT 2010

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 10:52:59AM +0200, Robert von Bismarck wrote:
> > Sorry , but the first question would be is the old PV220S 
> > still supported by ESXi?
> > What kind of drives are in, 73GB or 146GB? May be it's more 
> > easy to make this with some big local drives?
> > 
> > Years before we used some PV220S for fileservice and they 
> > were slow at all. We didn't use split mode.

> Been there, done that. 
> We have used a PE2850+PV220S connected to a PERC 4/E as an ESXi box.
> ESXi had no issues recognizing the PERC as a storage device, but it
> cannot monitor it, as there's no ESXi hardware monitoring module for it.
> So it won't be able to send you snmp traps when a disk/fan fails on the
> PV220, and it will not appear in the "health status" applet in the
> vsphere client either when it's degraded. This means a walk into the
> datacenter every morning to see if the dreaded amber light is lit (or
> use a webcam looking at your rack if you're lazy like me :-)

We are using a pair of PERC 4/E's with a PV220 in split mode with ESX3.5
(not ESXi).

it worked basically fine for a couple years.  We did not really push the
we started having issues with it recently; we powered down one of the
attached servers and the array on the other one went offline, requiring
a hard reboot of ESX.  More recently, with only the one server attached,
it flaked out again, requiring another reboot.

I do not know for sure but i assume this problem is with the enclosure
management module.  The RAID cards are much newwer.

As soon as my new disks arrive I'll have a pair of PERC 4/E's to 
sell if you're interested :)

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